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Sacred Trio

Sacred Trio

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Introducing Sacred by SB, an intimate product collection for the Divine feminine 

Feminine Wash, Oil, and Spray 

all items are full size


limited stock

Benefits of fem wash : 8 oz

Clarifying and pH balancing, feel fresh throughout the day 

removes bacteria from vaginal mantle and labia and vulva


not for internal use


Benefits of fem oil : 1 oz

Moisturizing, restores balance, maintains healthy flora, rid bacterial overgrowth, natural lubricant, calms inflammation and itchiness can be used daily

can be used with yoni eggs


Benefits of fem spray: 2 oz

sample size pictured, bottle will be 6x larger compare to mystique dew

Refresh intimate parts during the day, great for warm/hot days, those that live in dry climates. pH balancing, sweat reducing, great after showers and before intimacy 

rose & lavender blend

not for internal use

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